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11695022_10153176464658821_5405898696374383631_nThrough Observation and Conversations that are rich with Asking Questions Jen Halterman guides her clients through freeing themselves from the limitation that are creating the discomfort, frustration and confusion they experience in their Lives.

After working with Jen clients report the following experiences:

  • the ability to sleep and relax at night.

  • more laughter and joy in their life.

  • an improved sense of well-being in all areas of their life.

  • an increase in creativity and productivity at work and home.

  • a sense of Greater Ease in their relationships with themselves and others.

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⇒ Still wondering Why you would want to work with Jen and address struggles in your life?

Here is more detail about the experiences that led to Jen’s approach to coaching… After years of coaching, hosting her radio show Everyday Joy and inviting people to choose Joy everyday of their lives Jen’s life took a drastic turn.  January 2013, she experienced a great tragedy when her daughter, Kelsey, son-in-law, Garrett, and soon-to-be-born grandson, Sage, were killed in an auto accident. This experience altered the course of her life, the work she does, and revealed a different point of view about life that she had never considered before.

Jen realized very quickly that she was on a personal journey through Hell, and that it was entirely up to her to navigate and grow through the experience or be destroyed and crushed by it. 

During the days, weeks, months, and years that have followed the accident, Jen has chosen, time and again, to be as true to herself as possible and over time Jen came to a bold realization, that drastically changed her approach to life and coaching her clients; Life is created by the Choices we make based on our Point of View of the World around us.

Jen now brings this perspective to her clients as she supports them in realizing how their perspective of the world and their choices are the most powerful tools they have for Creating a Life they LOVE!


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Click here to learn more about the story of Kelsey, Garrett, and Sage.



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