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11695022_10153176464658821_5405898696374383631_nHi I’m Jen!

Who I am and what got me here is a very LONG story and I will share that later but first, I want to ask you some questions about YOU!

  • Are you tired of trying to keep everything together so your world doesn’t fall apart?

  • Are you exhausted most of the time because of all you do for everyone in your life and as much as you love everyone, you just want someone to help YOU out now and then?

  • Do you struggle to remember the last time you felt really Happy?

  • Is there an area of your life that you know is a LIE but you don’t know how to get out of the obligation of it?

  • Do you wonder if you are doing enough to make a real impact in the lives of those you love?

  • Have you experienced a loss or tragedy so painful that you do not know if you will ever recover?

  • Do you feel life is way too serious and you just want to play more?

I ask these questions because I would have answered YES to them all at some point in my past. Just answering those questions honestly takes courage. I am encouraging you to be courageous in your life and get honest with yourself! It’s time to Let Go of what doesn’t contribute to your Life in a Fabulous Way! It is time to Laugh MORE! It is time to Love like Crazy!

Why is NOW the time for these things?
Life can end suddenly and without warning SO enjoy every moment by being very present where you are, with what you are doing and with whom you spend your time with. Don’t wait to live the life you imagine, because there are no guarantees for a tomorrow.

You still here?
WOW! Thanks for reading all that!
If you want to know more about me and how I got where I am… keep reading…

Someone once wrote this about me and they did a pretty good job so I am letting your read their words now.
“Trying to describe Jen in a few paragraphs is like trying to stuff a goose down pillow after its seams have burst in a tornado. You just can’t seem to gather enough content to make it all make sense. Like the feathers of the pillow, you find yourself chasing after rogue feathers or ways to describe Jen, because you don’t want to miss anything.”
In light of that, here are some descriptors of the Audacious Jen Halterman that you may find helpful for understanding an indescribable woman like her…
“With her contagious laughter and irreverent humor, Jen entices her audience into a game where play reveals the lies that have been keeping them from living the Bold Lives that are waiting for them.”

When asked what her shtick is Jen’s reply is “Over all my message is Lighten Up and Love Like Crazy! No drama, no regrets. This applies to every part of life. Everything I teach, even the Spiritual aspects has a healthy dose of irreverence and humor in it. Anything that feeds my Aliveness is worth honoring and playing with and I encourage others to approach their lives in their own way.”

How did Jen arrive in a place where she is living full out? After years of coaching, hosting her radio show Everyday Joy and inviting people to choose Joy everyday of their lives Jen’s life took a drastic turn.  January 2013, she experienced a great tragedy when her daughter, Kelsey, son-in-law, Garrett, and soon-to-be-born grandson, Sage, were killed in an auto accident. This experience altered the course of her life, the work she does, and showed her just how willing she was to truly live her purpose. Jen realized very quickly that she was not able to just talk the talk, she had to walk her walk, even when she found herself walking through Hell. Through the days, weeks, months, and years that have followed that event, Jen has chosen, time and again, to fully be in her Essence, thereby inspiring others to do the same. She has come to understand what a choice it is to live in Joy and Essence all the time – no matter what.

When asked how she could be so happy about life especially after experiencing such a great loss she replied, “I know life has some really sucky parts, there is pain and there is fear. The grief we experience is REAL. I am not trying to discount anyone’s situation, I just know that for me, when I can find seeds of irony, humor and hope in, even the darkest times, I begin to feel the flow of Life through me. Once the flow of humor is part of my thinking everything shifts and I return to laughter and open expressions of Love. That is where I experience the most Aliveness. When I embrace all of the emotions I experience by expressing them openly, I have found that even when I am in a hard situation, this way of expressing opens the way for lighter insights and a brighter outlook to come to my awareness. I am not in denial of the pain I have experienced but I have to consider what actions and choices would be more honoring of not only my children, but also of myself, so I choose to Joy, Love and to Lighten Up as much as possible.”

Jen has a Gypsy Soul that keeps her exploring new locations, meeting new friends and stirring up deep conversations as well as play and laughter. When Jen is around there is a good chance you will experience intentional home cooking, musical connections,  and random improv skits that often lead to laughing until someone either cries, spews their drink or wets their pants.

Click here to learn more about the story of Kelsey, Garrett, and Sage.



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